I’ve been a big Status Quo fan since 1976 when my Dad borrowed the Live! album from one of his friends. Looking back it seems like we played it continuously for about 6 months afterwards, closely followed by another 6 months of Rockin’ All Over The World.

Over the years I collected every single one of their albums on old-fashioned vinyl. My mother then sold the whole lot at a car-boot sale whilst I was studying at University and I had a rather large sense of humour failure. Keeping up with modern technology I then replaced everything on CD. I then sold my whole CD collection (around 600 or so) before shipping out of the UK to come and live in Fiji. Since then I haven’t bought any music whatsoever and content myself with watching and listening online.

Although their hard rockin’ days are a bit behind them, and they’ve done some cheesy stuff at times, Quo have always been awesome live performers and great fun. Since they’ve been in the business for over 50 years (formed in 1962) I guess they must have been doing something right.

Anyway, not so long ago Status Quo came and filmed a movie in Fiji – the imaginatively titled “Bula Bula Quo”. I haven’t seen the movie myself but am reliably informed that although not quite Oscar material it’s reasonably entertaining.

Here is the title track from the movie – I like it and so does Keira, and she’s got good taste since she likes AC/DC too, thanks to Yours Truly.

(Francis Rossi used to live just down the road from me back in Purley, UK. Never popped round for a cup of tea tho, maybe when he’s next in Fiji he’ll join me for a couple of beers instead !!)