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Birds of the Fiji Bush Collection #1

Birds Of The Fiji Bush was one of the first books I bought when I arrived in Fiji, and I began ticking them off as I spotted them. Now the challenge is to get as many birds as possible on camera. Here then, the first gallery of a series featuring 10 of our local birds all photographed here on Taveuni.

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Coming soon - more spectacular Fiji sunsets

Fiji in Colour - Photography - Sunsets. Another beautiful Taveuni sunset.

Coming soon - Fiji landscapes gallery

Fiji in Colour - Photography - Landscapes. A view from the pool at Taveuni Dive Resort.

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Fiji in Colour - Photography. Green Tree Skink
Fiji In Colour - Photpgraphy - Tropical Plants and Flowers. A small moth takes a break on a fragrant frangipani flower.
Fiji in Colour - Photography - People and Portraits. A flower girl waits patiently for the wedding couple at Maqai Beach, Qamea.
Fiji In Colour - Photography. Family day out at Bouma Falls, Taveuni.
Fiji in Colour - Photography - Birds of Fiji, Pacific Swallows
Fiji in Colour - Photography - Bau Island from the air

Galleries below previously posted as Jonny in Fiji

Gallery: Flowers of the Fiji Islands

Wherever you look in Fiji there is an abundance of colour, and the tropical gardens are no exception. A selection of our local plant life on Taveuni Estates.

7 Day Nature Photo Challenge

A challenge set by my photographer friend Heather Sutton – 7 Days of Nature Photos to be posted one per day on Facebook, collected here into a single post.

Gallery: Taveuni Sunsets, Fiji Islands

A collection of Fiji Sunset photos all taken in Soqulu (Taveuni Estates) either at our old property “Vale Tulala”, our new family home “Dua Lima”, or points in between.


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