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About Fiji in Colour

When I first visited Fiji in 1997 the vibrancy and clarity of colour everywhere I looked astounded me. It was probably at this time I first began taking more photos with the intent of creating a good image rather than just taking a memorial snapshot.

More than 20 years later, now living full time in Fiji on the island of Taveuni, I am still amazed by the colours. Taveuni is known as “The Garden Island” and with little air pollution and almost zero light pollution at night everything just seems to pop.

Vivid green landscapes, crystal blue seas, burning orange sunsets with kaleidoscopic skies, beaches of black, white and yellow, a plethora of tropical plants, fruits and flowers visited by birds, butterflies and bugs – all painted with a wonderfully diverse palette.

A good place to take photos. And it’s pretty much the same under the water – but I don’t go there. I have plenty of friends who do, and they take proper gear and take some cool photos. I’ll probably introduce you to some of them in future blog posts.

I didn’t acquire what some might call a “proper camera”, ie a DSLR, until 2014. Like many, and maybe you too, I guess I was tentative and kind of confused about all the additional gear and accessories that seem to go with being a “proper” photographer. I might end up just being being “not a proper” photographer owning some proper gear and a smaller bank balance.

Since then I’ve been learning. Learning how to take better photos in camera, learning how to edit photos off the camera, and learning not to be discouraged by all the impossibly perfect pictures produced by the pros. For us mere mortals of the photography world we can aspire to get images like they do, but we shouldn’t expect to do it this afternoon, or this evening if you have kids homework to do like I do.

This afternoon be happy to take a photo that makes you happy. Take a photo that makes a small improvement from the last. Take photos with some intent and purpose. Then, if you like it and it means something to you, put your name on it. Odds are someone else somewhere will like it too.

My purpose? Basically to take photos that represent how I see the world, and I see it as full of colour, and that’s why I call this place Fiji in Colour.

My images aren’t perfect but they do all mean something to me. It might just be a bird I’ve not photographed before, an experiment with a new technique, a different viewpoint on something ordinary, something that worked when it didn’t before, or just a impromptu snapshot with a story.

Continuous incremental improvement is what really matters, and that takes time, effort, patience and practice.

If you’d like to take a few steps with me on this photographic odyssey then jump onboard. Hopefully we won’t sink. As I said, I don’t do underwater.

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You can also find out a bit more about me and check out a few photography tips using the links below.

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