The Wilkins Family at Bouma Falls, Taevuni, Fiji. Jonathan M Wilkins Photography and Digital Media.

About Me – Jonny In Fiji

Partly on a whim, and partly due to my first mid-life crisis in 1997 I first came to Fiji during a 12 month sabbatical from my job in London, UK. I visited again in 1998 as I circled the world twice, much of the time spent in the South Pacific. I fell in love with Taveuni and the relatively untouched environment, and eventually returned 7 years later in 2005 to buy a property in Taveuni Estates, locally known as Soqulu. This was to be my future tropical retirement hideaway.

As it happened I “retired” rather earlier than anticipated and in 2007 began spending more time in Taveuni.

In 2009 I met Titilia, in Fiji, on Taveuni. Titi and I got married in 2012. In 2013 we moved a short distance to a bigger property to accommodate us and the two children (now three), plus the four-legged friends – three dogs (now none) and one cat (still one, but a different one).

Most of my time here is occupied keeping three properties maintained – each with an acre of compound, keeping the three kids under control and fixing everything they destroy, keeping the finances under control, working on photography and web projects, enjoying cold Fiji Bitters around the island, and trying to stay reasonably sane – which at times is quite difficult.

This site is always in a state of flux – it’s basically a big sandpit for me to play in and has gone through a number of reincarnations and facelifts. It started as a simple personal blog hosted on – a place for me to rant or rave about living in Fiji with all its ups and downs, delights and frustrations. Everything is now self-hosted, much of the old content has been archived and the site is now focused on my brand new photography and website development business and my personal photography projects under the “Fiji In Colour” branding.

If you’re pondering a trip to Fiji, maybe even Taveuni, and wondering what it’s really like here then feel free to drop me a line and I’ll be more than happy to help. Also, if you’re looking for an on-island photographer during your visit or celebration I can help you out there too.

So, take a look around, enjoy the photos, have fun, and thanks for reading !


Fiji in Colour.  Taveuni Sunset.  Jonathan M Wilkins Photography and Digital Media.