7 Day Nature Photo Challenge

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Fiji In Colour

A couple of weeks ago my photographer friend Heather Sutton, whose fantastic dive photos from Taveuni’s Rainbow Reef were featured in Underwater Photography with Heather Sutton, tagged me in her 7 Day Nature Photo series on Facebook. On accepting, I then had to post one nature photo every day for seven days, and tag another friend to do the same – in effect a photo chain letter. Seven photo’s – not too difficult, eh?

Well, it took me 12 days to dig out seven photos I thought worthy of the challenge, and I’ve collected them here into a single post along with a few notes for each.

Day 1 – Lightning Strike Over The Somosomo Strait

Lightning Strike Over The Somosomo Strait, Taveuni, Fiji Islands  - 7 Day Nature Photo Challenge - Day 1

One evening last year an impressive thunder and lightning storm was in progress over Vanua Levu, just across the Somosomo Strait from Taveuni. The weather locally was quite fine – the thunder just a distant rumble. I decided to practice some long exposure photos and hopefully capture the lightning strikes. My few previous attempts at this had produced mixed results – they were done on the fly with no tripod and a lot of fiddling with the camera settings to see what worked and what didn’t. The photo above is the best of the bunch from my more controlled experiments, this time using a tripod and remote controlled shutter release.

Day 2 – Golden Fern

Golden Fern Frond - 7 Day Nature Photo Challenge - Day 2

The dry seasons during the last couple of years here in Fiji have been very dry, thanks to the effects of El Nino. During an El Nino event drought conditions usually prevail in the South Pacific – the dry season is very dry and the wet season not quite so wet. The lush and green landscape fades and moves through shades of yellow, brown and gold as the ground and vegetation became parched through lack of rain. This photo of a small fern frond captures some of those colours.

Day 3 – Palm Frond

Fiji Palm Frond  - 7 Day Nature Photo Challenge - Day 3

I studied mathematics at school and university, and always loved number patterns, equations and elegant solutions. Representing mathematics through images, for example with graphs, fractals and 3 dimensional simulations, can be fun and make the subject much more interesting. Look close enough at nature and there are many patterns and sequences that can be closely or exactly described with mathematics. I like this image of a palm tree frond for its simplicity and the mathematical beauty of the curve and straight lines.

Day 4 – Sunset at The Beach House

Sunset at the Beach House  - 7 Day Nature Photo Challenge - Day 4

Titi and I took the kids for an impromptu trip to a small beach in front of Steve Noble’s Beach House here on Taveuni, and were treated to another great sunset just whilst packing and getting ready to leave. This photo caught as the sun was dipping down behind the rock formations just offshore.

Day 5 – Winter Landscape, Fife, Scotland

Winter Landscape, Fife, Scotland - 7 Day Nature Photo Challenge - Day 5

Being acclimatised to the tropics makes a trip back to the UK, especially during winter, is a bit of a shock to the system. Head north of the border to Scotland and it feels extremely cold! This photo taken whilst staying in rural Fife where snow lay on the ground for weeks on end. They have great sunsets here too, and sunrises which we don’t get to see too often on Taveuni since the sun comes up from behind the mountains.

Day 6 – Dragonfly

Dragonfly  - 7 Day Nature Photo Challenge - Day 6

A personal and as yet unaccomplished photography goal is to capture a decent image of a dragonfly in flight. This particular dragonfly flew into the house, and as the temperature dropped during the evening settled on the sofa in front of the TV, making the photographers job a whole lot easier!

Day 7 – Taveuni’s Orange Dove

Taveuni's Orange Dove - 7 Day Nature Photo Challenge - Day 7

Another personal goal – one finally accomplished last year – was to actually see and photograph Taveuni’s Orange Dove. There are many species of fruit dove on the island, the Orange Dove being the most striking. It is endemic to a small number of Fijian islands, and although reasonably common in particular habitats, not seen around our neck of the woods. I traveled down to Bobby’s Farm (also know as Nabogiono Farm) in south Taveuni to finally catch sight of it. This photo taken with a compact camera at 21 times zoom – not great quality but a great day for me.

And that’s it – my 7 Days of Nature Photo’s. Why not try it yourself, and if you have a great gallery to share just leave a link in the comments below.