A slightly belated Happy New Year to everybody, welcome to 2016 and welcome to a revamped blog site. The old “Tui Place” title has been replaced with “Jonny In Fiji” – which makes things a bit more portable as long as I live somewhere in Fiji and keep the same name, a new WordPress theme “Pique” replacing the previous “Mystique” – which doesn’t sound quite so mysterious but rhymes quite nicely, and a couple more pages added themed mainly around social media stuff, which sounds rather dull.

As well as the changes here, all my social media accounts, pages, handles etc are now standardised on the “JonnyInFiji” brand name, which is currently valued at FJ$7.50. T-shirts will be available sometime this year, and possibly fridge magnets.

Happy New Year also for 2015 – looks like I missed that. At the end of my last post, way back in August 2014, I was dealt a dose of prolapsed hemorrhoids and left things hanging a bit, so to speak. I am pleased to say they were successfully shoved back into position and nothing abnormal has dropped out of my bottom since then.

Looking forward to this year – back to the personal blogging, get the Soqulu Central site back up and running (currently offline undergoing a facelift, and some articles drafted but I need to consult my lawyer before posting), Fiji citizenship application late Q4 once I’m eligible, and preparing the ground for something that might be considered “work” in 2017 once Fijianized. And as ever the usual ongoing house and garden projects.

As already mentioned, some new pages added here already: a directory of social media links for Taveuni business’s, and some “experiments” with social media content creation, aggregation, curation (see Flipboard, RebelMouse and Tagboard). These pages to will be added to regularly, and more pages created on these themes which will all probably split out to a separate site somewhere down the line.

Although it has been over a year since my last post, rest assured the sunsets are still spectacular, and I did manage to grow a strawberry whilst I was away. This years target is at least 4 strawberries so we don’t have to share.

Vinaka !



  1. gastrell@bermark.com.au

    Bula Jonny Good to see a bit of entertaining wit back in the writing!! Best wishes and regards to the family Simon Toba Loa

    • Jonny Wilkins

      Vinaka Simon !! Been a long wait, but got there in the end. Give me a heads up when you’re next due on Taveuni.


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