Jonny Wilkins is a bad man – oh yes indeedy I am a very bad man. I am guilty of neglecting my child, my adorable offspring brought into this world through a steamy online relationship. A relationship with the enticingly wondrous WordPress, mother of my Blog. Mother of innumerable blogs – the fruits of countless affairs with unsuspecting and inexperienced jotters lured by the promise of massive columns and spurting reader statistics. The fickle and unfaithful harlot !! My baby has suffered neglect and loneliness, no coo-ing visitors to entertain it (or be entertained by it) having fallen into a desolate existence bereft of a regular tickle from Uncle Google and Auntie Bing. Shame on you, Mr Wilkins !! You are a bad man.

Like any good procrastinator worth his salt though, I have a string of excuses. I’ve been busy. Since June.


In June Titi and I kicked off negotiations to buy a new house here in Soqulu. To cut a long story short this was finalised in November and we are now settled into our larger family home with room for everybody and everything, including 2 rottweiler/doberman crosses and a cat that came with the property. I have been helping a friend of mine set up his own online presence for his real estate business here on Taveuni, and finalising my own property sale in the UK. We took a quick trip to Sydney in August, had our 2nd Anniversary in November, I had a quick trip to the UK, and we kicked off our planning for a new Vacation Home Rental business to start later this year at our previous home. And we had a jolly Christmas and New Year.

OK – everybody up to date now ? Good.

And now…..

About a month ago I got a hand injury which subsequently got infected (cellutitis) and this has pretty much put me out of action with regard to manual labour and garden work until this week – I couldn’t even wash my willy properly for 10 days (not for the first time – “The Biggest Balls In Taveuni”) which was a bit of a disaster. However, there has been a beneficial side effect of my idle hands – or another one, if we include the deputy willy washer – and that has been taking time to sit down and GET ORGANISED.

Back in my days of gainful employment I came across a book titled “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress Free Productivity” by a guy called David Allen. It was an excellent read, with good, simple advice on organisation and prioritisation and actually doing stuff, which really worked. So, I went through a phase of getting stuff done at work, which pleasantly surprised my employers. I dusted off the book and gave it a re-read whilst lamenting my pus-filled appendage, and have now re-implemented many of the tools, techniques and methods espoused by Mr Allen. I am now organised. I am doing stuff. The right stuff. I am organised enough now to be able to sit here again with Mistress WordPress and tell you all about it, and still have time for my wife (who is also getting organised) and children (who are not). If you think you have too much to do, and not enough time to do it, or continually stressed by the million and one things you have promised yourself you will do but are not doing them, then I highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of GTD. It works.

So, even though I now have around 200 current or future “projects” and around 150 immediate “next actions” I am in control and ready to get both hands dirty again. And here in Fiji, where getting anything done can be a challenge, I anticipate being more relaxed as things gradually get ticked off, and still have time to play. Which is the way it should be since it was one of the main reasons for coming here in the first place !!

I’ll be back in March – it’s on my list.



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  1. Richard

    I can’t match your figure of 200 projects but sometimes I know it seems like that many.
    Will endeavour to keep a promise of months ago and pen my own piece on life in Soqulu. Perhaps tomorrow.


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