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Fiji in Colour. Another beautiful Taveuni sunset.
Fiji in Colour. A female Vanikoro Broadbill caught in flight. Soqulu, Taveuni.
Fiji in Coour. Fijian Cicada, or Nanai (Raiateana knowlesi) photographed among the bristles of a sasa broom.
Fiji In Colour. A small moth takes a break on a fragrant frangipani flower.
Fiji in Colour. A flower girl waits patiently for the wedding couple at Maqai Beach, Qamea.
Fiji In Colour. Family day out at Bouma Falls, Taveuni.
Fiji in Colour. A reef heron looks for lunch along the Taveuni coast near Matei.
Fiji in Colour. A hermit crab scuttles among the rocks on a Taveuni beach.
Fiji in Colour. A view from the pool at Taveuni Dive Resort.

Galleries below previously posted as Jonny in Fiji. See the Blog Archives for old Jonny in Fiji blog posts.

Gallery: Flowers of the Fiji Islands

Wherever you look in Fiji there is an abundance of colour, and the tropical gardens are no exception. A selection of our local plant life on Taveuni Estates.

Gallery: Taveuni Sunsets, Fiji Islands

A collection of Fiji Sunset photos all taken in Soqulu (Taveuni Estates) either at our old property “Vale Tulala”, our new family home “Dua Lima”, or points in between.

7 Day Nature Photo Challenge

A challenge set by my photographer friend Heather Sutton – 7 Days of Nature Photos to be posted one per day on Facebook, collected here into a single post.


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